Quickly, pumping with high capacity, simple navigation, safely working and low noise for the environment: These are the custom-made pumps sets from All Pumps Holland, equipped with a diesel engine.

The pumpset can be mounted on a trailer, in a sound prove container or a skid mounted unit, which can be moved with a forklift truck.

- Hmax: On request

- Qmax: On request

Pumpsets can also be equipped with petrol drive.

Custom-made: It’s your choice!

Together with our partner Scheepstechniek Drechtsteden B.V. (Dordrecht) we can build custom-made systems, where you as customer closely would be involved. Serie and brand of the motor and pump: power, pressure, capacity and dimensions; method of suction; noise-reducing housing…. everything is possible!

For more information, please call us then. We are glad to help you!