With the venturi principle is floating water or air forced into an ejector, causing underpressure on the suction side. The suction of the Ejector from TeamTec (Norway) is comparable to make something almost completely vacuum. Air and solid parts are no problem for an Ejector.

Application in the maritime sector

Ejectors can perfectly used in ballastsystems: the de-ballasting, the ‘dry-running’ of the ballast pump is in the past. With portable Ejectors can ramains of cargo or bilge water be sucked up, even till the last drop of water. A example of this application from floating air is the dry suction of residul loads of barite, bentonite or dry cement.

- Hmax: N/a 
- Qmax: 2000 m³/hour

Note: Ejectors from TeamTec will be deliverd with 20 years of guarantee !!