All Pumps Holland is in the shipping is a concept: since the foundation in 2000 we supplied pumps to more then 450 ships. We work closley together with shipyards, brokers, ship owners and skippers and get often involved in early stage for the design of a new ship to give advice about ballast systems, drinking water systems, deck layouts, and so on. Our customers are in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Serbia and Vietnam. We are also proud at the big company’s in the maritime sector, like Damen Groep and Veka.


With our knowledge of many years of experience we can stand by you with good advice of the regarding pumps to be installed on each type of vessel. In the shipping we are working with shipyards with service and maintenance of the pumps. All Pumps Holland can deliver the following pumps to every vessel:

  • Ballastpump 
  • Bilge water pump
  • Drinking water pump - hydrophore
  • Grey water pump
  • Black water pump
  • Fuel pump
  • Deck wash pump
  • Pump for lubrication of the motor
  • Cargo pump

We can also give advice to provide a tanker completly of butterfly – gate valves and no-return valves.

We are glad to help you if you have questions!