In the past years we have gained some huge customers at All Pumps Holland. We are proud to have many of them in our regular clientele. There are more coming, because All Pumps Holland continues growing. There are to much to put them as a reference, but on the next pages u can see some of them, which gives you a good overview of the possibilities that All Pumps Holland can offer you.

We also deliver in other sectors pump solutions, like the Government, argriculture and horticulture, the zoo and water parks.

For more information about pump solutions for your branch it is always possible to contact us.

References Contractor

A lot of pumps find ther way trough the contractor to the customer: there are also pumps used for intern use. Mostly its about surface water, but also drinking water, sewage water, spring water, ground water and all types of waste and process water.

All Pumps Holland knows the brands and the specific needs. Many customers have found us, like:

- Beelen Sloopwerken (Harderwijk)

- C.M. Baars & Zn (Nieuwland) 

- Gebr. Schouls (Leiden)

- Hamer Installatietechniek (Apeldoorn)

- Mourik (Groot Ammers en Antwerpen)

References Construction, road- & hydraulic engineering

All Pumps Holland has deliverd pumps in Construction, road-  & Hydraulic engineering to:

- Mourik (Groot Ammers, Antwerpen)

- Rasenberg Milieutechniek (Breda)

- Boskalis (Papendrecht)

- Van Den Herik (Sliedrecht)

- HEBO Maritiemservice (Zwartsluis) 

References Industry

Pump technology is being used in industrial processes. All Pumps Holland thinks along with you en provides solutions for all types of liquids, what the viscosity may be or how many solid parts has to be pumped.

A large amount of customers from the industry order their pumps from All Pumps Holland, like:

- Cargill (Amsterdam)

- Constar Betonwaren (Tiel, Amsterdam) 

- Fishmasters (Urk)

- Lucite (Botlek)

- Ouwehand Visverwerking (Katwijk)

- Pluimveeslachterij C. van Miert (Breukelen)

- Tankservices Pernis (Pernis)

- Van Iperen (Westmaas) 

References Environmental engineering

Some of the customers of the enviromental engineering which All Pumps Holland supplies to are:

- Aclagro (Wondelgem, Belgiƫ)

- Advanced Waste Water Solutions (Kapellebrug - Hulst)

- Mourik Milieu

- RCL Milieutechniek (Lemmer)

References Shipping - Maritime

All Pumps Holland is a household name in the shipping: Since our foundation we have more than 480 ships with our pumps. We are doing this with a lot of yards in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, but also Denmark, Serbia, Poland and Vietnam. Some known yards are belongs to our clientele, like:

- Damen Groep (o.a. Damen Bergum, Damen Bodewes, Damen Gorinchem en Damen Schelde)

- Dolderman (Dordrecht)

- Gerlien van Tiem (Druten)

- Groningen Shipyard (Waterhuizen)

- Scheepstechniek Drechtsteden (Dordrecht)

- Nassau (Antwerpen, BelgiĆ«) 

- Teamco (Heusden) 

- Trico (Rotterdam)

- VEKA Groep (o.a. Werkendam en Lemmer)

- Scheepswerf Poppen (Zwartsluis)

- Asto B.V. (Raamsdonkveer)

- De Toekomst B.V. (Waspik)