With a background in shipbuilding (5 years in the drawingroom of a ship design agency) and pump technology (20 years as field employee in the sales at different company’s) decided Dick Wortman at the end of 1999 to start his own company. The beginning of 2000, All Pumps Holland B.V. is a fact! With Dick his vision that the custumors always comes first, and that All Pumps Holland should assist the customers in solving pumping problems came the first orders quickly and All Pumps Holland was growing.

All Pumps Holland is continue working to expand the program of the past years. This have lead to a complete offer of pumps. Near the APH brand, is All Pumps Holland importing pumps from reputable brands, like: Dreno Pompe, Kolmeks Pumps, GVR Pumps, Roto Pumps, SAER Elettropompe, TeamTec ejectors, Tecno-Matic Pump and Victor Pumps. For customer-specific applications that isn’t in the standard offer from All Pumps, are we using our wide network of partners and suppliers to always find the best working pump.

All Pumps Holland focuses to the business market. Many customers have a long-term relationship with All Pumps Holland and focuses on all their pumptechnicals challanges.

Some highlights from the history of All Pumps Holland:

  • 2000: At the beginning were there a lot suppliers who trusted All Pumps Holland an official dealership, like: Dreno Pompe, GVR Pompe, SAER Elettropompe and Victor Pumps. One of the first orders by All Pumps Holland was the delivery of 7 pieces cilinder diesel driven irrigation pumps for night frost controlling in orchards. Later that year the first order was recieved for a inlandship to delivery a complete pump program.
  • 2002: The first orders from Damen Groep by All Pumps Holland.
  • 2006: Delivered a order of pumps, valves and fittings for 13 ships to build them in Vietnam.
  • 2010: All Pumps Holland exists 10 years and this is being celebrated: since its foundation pumps have been supplied to more then 400 ships.
  • Summer 2011: Appointed by TeamTec as the official Benelux agent for Ejectors.
  • Autumn 2011: Delivery of pumps fort he Argonon, the first inlandship powered by LNG and equipped with many innovative gadgets in the field of sustainability.
  • 2013: Obtaining the 9001 certificate.
  • 2016: All Pumps Holland moved to Papendrecht.
  • 2020: This year All Pumps Holland exists 20 years!